Frequently Asked Questions



Yes, we provide training on how to work with your recorded webinar video. This involves how to edit, render and upload the video. Our video training goes well beyond the WebinarMax functions and into using external tools to prepare your video.
You only need an account with a provider to record your webinar the first time. After recording your webinar, there is no more need to have an account. You can also use Camtasia or Powerpoint to record your webinar.
You only need Camtasia if you want to edit your video. Some webinars may have some segments that you want to clip such as: goofs, uhms or ahhs. Camtasia can also be used to render the video to convert into a flash video (FLV) format. Please note that many other video editors are available such as MS Movie Maker or Sony Vegas.
We require you to send a flash video (FLV) file to our server. If your video is in another format such as windows media (WMV) or MPEG we provide instruction for how to render the file.
Yes, we provide instuction on how to record your webinar. We have video training avilable on how to record a webinar with GoTo Meeting, Webex and MS Powerpoint.
The recorded webinar needs to be rendered into a flash video format (FLV). We show you how to accomplish this step and also how to upload to the Webinarmax server.
Any autoresponder that provides code for a web form. We also provide video instruction for how to generate a web form and insert into your registration page. We cover the major autoresponders. We also provide instruction for how to build your email list and schedule the messages.
Yes the webinar can be scheduled on any or every day of the week. Each day has its own scheduled time. You first enable the day and then the time to run your webinar. The webinar will run each week at that time.
Yes for each of your webinars, you are also provided a link for an on-demand version. This version will play the webinar immediately when a visitor arrives. This is useful as a group traning tool for example. This on-demand page is independent from your scheduled webinar and an option for you.
Yes WebinarMax is a fully automated marketing system. It provides synchronization of a registration page, email series and webinar event page. These pages are database driven and work in concert to convert your propects into leads or sales. This synchronized event is setup to resemble a "live" webinar event. This is a highly effective marketing and selling tool.
Each webinar has its own comment log. Your webinar visitors can submit comments or questions. The webinar interface provides for comment input in the lower right. All comments are time and date stamped and appended to the webinar comment log. You can view the comment log anytime by clicking on the "View Comment Log" link in the webinar configuration screen.
You can send visitors to the registration page or direct to the webinar. If you send visitors to the registration page, you must then remind them of the day and time of the webinar through your email messages. You can use pay-per-click traffic, an email list promotion, Twitter or Facebook to drive traffic to your webinar. The webinar event page and also registration page links are provided for you in the webinar configuration screen.
We provide some example email series for you to use and modify for your needs. We also have video training to show you how to edit and schedule your messages.
Yes we provide video training on how to create a web form on your autoresponder. We also show you how to copy / paste the web form code into Webinarmax. This provides for integrating the registration page with your list and messages.
We provide technical support for all WebinarMax users.
Most web hosting accounts only allow for a very limited bandwidth. We provide the hosting for your video so you don't need to worry about running out of bandwidth in the middle of your webinar. You also need not get involved with creating a hosting account, FTP of files or sweating the disk or bandwith requirements. This is all handled so you can relax.
No, there are no extra fees for disk or bandwidth. We provide this service for you.
No, these services don't allow for webinar replays.
There are many disadvantages to running the webinar replay on your own domain. Live webinar events get far better attendance and conversion than replays because viewers don't want to miss the webinar - they know that it will begin at a specific time and conclude at a specific time.

A simple video player interfaces convert poorly because they don't have the look and feel of a live webinar. By sending visitors to your own domain for a webinar, they quickly realize that it is simply a recording/replay and not a live event and typically decide to watch it later… then forget about it. Webinar replays on reliable third party domains are much more credible.

By replaying webinars on your own website, you also run the risk of burning up your bandwidth quickly and getting shut down by your hosting provider. In addition, It's also extremely difficult to replay a webinar at an exact time when replaying it on your own domain. While replay software exists, all the replay software we’ve tried is buggy and unreliable.
The registration page contains information about the webinar such as: title, experpt, bullet points, your photo, date and time of event. The registration page also holds the web form to capture the visitor's name and email. The registraion page is synchronized with the webinar event and display information and is an integral part of a fully automated marketing system.
Not at this time. We do plan to expand into live webinars and web conferencing in the near future.